Well hello there internet. 

I have shuttered the doors of my LLC and accepted a position as Information Design Director for Jacobs. Outside of my duties in this new endeavor, my creative efforts will be solely focused on writing, playing, and recording music in Sparrow Durham

I wasn't necessarily looking for a permanent position but this opportunity sort of found me and I'm incredibly excited about what lay ahead for me with all the great people I've met at Jacobs so far. 

Don't be a stranger. All this pertinent whatnot and coordinates hoopla below is still registered and in effect. 

If you came here looking for a designer you can still drop me a line and I'll be happy to refer some incredible guys and gals to you. 



Email: bacchus@folkloreindustries.com
Phone: 404.803.1542
Portfolio: PDF
Twitter: hjbacchus
Instagram: hjbacchus
Blog: aninvisiblerepublic.tumblr.com